"...an invaluable asset we would be lost without..."

Andrew James Carter, CEO, Fathom

"...excellent organisational, communication & management skills... calmness & good humour..."

Daniel Wood, COO, Ukie

“… I trust her judgement in everything we do in terms of brand and marketing…”

Jennifer Manson, Founder/COO, Fathom

"...witty, positive, energetic and, most importantly, knows her stuff."

Peter Willington, Producer, Auroch Digital

“… full of ideas and enthusiasm…”

Hannah Fordham, Live Game Director,
Radiant Worlds

“… always on point, well prepared and
knows how to get the best results.”

Dirk Metzger, Director, Crucial Path Media

“… all the way from top-level strategy to
finely-tuned and targeted tactics…”

Chris Swan, Publishing Director, SkySaga

“… extremely knowledgeable, hardworking,
trustworthy and thoroughly professional.”

Richard Smithies, CEO, Unit 2 Games

“A clear communicator with creativity,
passion and drive…”

Nick Streeter, SpecialEffect

“… vast knowledge and expertise...
... helped the team exceed beyond expectations...”

David Moscardini, Head of Community & Social Media, SkySaga

“Her passion and expertise were indispensable
to our success as a business.”

Russ Clarke, Founder/Studio Head, Payload Studios

Ideas are ten-a-penny, but successful ideas need something else behind them. We can provide that. We'll prepare you to take on the world and win, to find what really matters to you and amplify that to achieve greatness.

Success comes from putting in the time to consider what you want to achieve then creating a strategy to get you there. If you're going to hit the big time then you need to be ready!

If you're creating entertainment or technology then you have to reach the players, the fans and the customers. We can help you reach them, and make sure that you've got something great to say once they're listening.

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