Blitz Games Studios


Natalie was called in by Blitz Games Studios in September 2013 to handle the creation and implementation of a crisis management communications strategy as the studio entered administration after 23 years of trading. She worked with senior management around the clock over a 48 hour period to create a comprehensive internal and external communications strategy that included preparation of staff messaging, media relations and supporting social media to ensure a smooth and rumour-free announcement. She handled all media enquiries on the day of announcement, proactively reaching out to key outlets and handling subsequent interview requests for online, print and broadcast. In addition, she managed the business’s social feeds during the day, and for the following week, sharing information and providing a resource hub of recruitment news for former staff.


“When we found we had no alternative but to put Blitz into administration, there was a lot to do, in a very short space of time. Whilst those involved were all worried about their own futures, we still had to deliver some difficult messages both internally and externally – delivering accurate information sympathetically and professionally in very difficult, emotional circumstances. I knew Natalie would be able to plan and support the execution of the message, delivery and then deal with the fallout. The result was that it went as well as it possibly could have, and we thank Natalie for her help in a very difficult time.”
Philip Oliver, CEO, Blitz Games Studios

“It is very reassuring to have Natalie on the team. She has a very thorough understanding of the myriad of media channels and is highly professional and focussed. She grasps the issues immediately and is able to lead her clients through the complexities of communication strategies with a calm and clear reasoning. She produces excellent plans and, crucially, executes them flawlessly with a superb attention to detail. I have been enormously impressed by her work and have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Tom Weston, Legal & Business Affairs Director, Blitz Games Studios

“Having no alternative other than working to the very tightest of timescales to deal with something as difficult as an insolvency situation isn’t easy. It’s a time when communication and co-ordination is crucial and Natalie certainly was a key member of the small team who handled this very traumatic and stressful situation. She ensured that all the key messages, both internally and externally were organised, well-considered and appropriate. She also provided ongoing support via social media ensuring in particular that any employment opportunity meetings with other games companies were continually communicated to affected staff.
Natalie’s attention to detail is exemplary. She always produces very well-considered and thorough plans and, importantly, she keeps key stakeholders involved and informed throughout the entire process. She can be relied upon to successfully see her plans through – even when she’s been presented with 11th hour changes! Natalie is highly professional and manages to balance that well with being a real pleasure to work with.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Natalie to any business looking for the best PR and marketing support. Whilst she is passionate about the games industry and highly regarded within it, her skills are most certainly transferrable to others.”
Geraldine Cross, Head of HR, Blitz Games Studios