Bristol Games Hub

Bristol Games Hub (in collaboration with Yogscast) commissioned Natalie in May 2018 to deliver a day-long social-media and branding workshop for a selection of ten developers.


“Absolutely mind-blowing day! You really opened my eyes to how we can improve how we approach marketing. Thanks so much!”

“… so insightful and rammed full of excellent tidbits of know-how. Hugs fanks for making it happen. Brill brill brill.”
Matthew Walker, composer

“Really insightful marketing workshop.”
Owen Davies, Arcfire Games

“Natalie is a simply marvellous speaker. She’s witty, positive, energetic and, most importantly, she knows her stuff. She’s strong on everything from branding and PR, to marketing and trends in the games industry as a whole. I’ve seen (coming up on) half a dozen of her talks now and each one is tailored to the audience well, contains real data to back up her points, and has plain English action points to take back to the studio and try out.”
Peter Willington, Producer, Auroch Digital