Fathom (formerly GaasWorks) approached Natalie in late 2015, as they began their innovative data-science led startup. Still working with them today as they build their brand behind-the-scenes, Natalie serves as their ’embedded’ Brand & Marketing Director, guiding their identity, crafting their social, marketing and communications strategies, and helping them evolve their business goals as they pivot into new sectors.


“Natalie brought her expertise to our aid in a domain where many start-ups struggle. Her imaginative, entrepreneurial style was an ideal fit for Fathom as we resolved our brand identity and market strategy – allowing us to keep more of our internal focus on the product and business where it belonged.
From the first day, her input helped us better communicate our product, goals, and culture – without allowing our perception to become skewed in the minutia. Whether preparing for events, expos, and talks; producing new materials; positioning the company; building a network; or creating a market strategy – Natalie has been (and continues to be) an invaluable asset we would be lost without.”

Andrew James Carter, CEO, Fathom

“We hired Natalie as our consulting Brand and Marketing Director at Fathom because it was clear she could bring skills and expertise to the business that are essential for success, and that none of our management team or directors have. It is great working with her. She knows the games industry inside out, has an exceptional network and everyone loves her! From putting together the high level strategy right down to detail of content and voice, I trust her judgement in everything we do in terms of brand and marketing – and she’s also a wonderful cheerleader, very generous with her introductions and a pleasure to have around.”

Jennifer Manson, COO & Co-Founder, Fathom