Opposable Games


Well established and fast-growing indie development studio Opposable Games joined the Identity Spark (then Press Space) roster in November 2013. Natalie worked with their team for seven months to craft a long-term corporate and product PR strategy, as well as helping to address their shorter term PR goals, enhance their social media output and boost their reputation across trade and consumer media.

She also helped them to establish and build a community for original IP, dual-screen game Salvaged.

For more information about Opposable Games please follow them on Twitter here and check out their website here.

For more on Salvaged, visit the official website here and follow on twitter here.


Digital Innovation Award: Develop, 20th November 2013
Salvaged reveal: IndieHaven.com, 24th February 2014
Second-screen opinion feature: Spong.com, 13th March 2014
Studio/second-screen feature: Develop GDC issue, March 2014