Skinny Lister

Natalie began supporting punk folk 6-piece Skinny Lister in May 2015. A distinctive and well-regarded band with a strong following, she helps them to analyse and optimise all their social media output to build their fanbase further. In-depth Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google analytics work, coupled with advice on social content and campaign strategies to support specific tours and announcements, Natalie also admins the official fan club Facebook page and provides occasional show support too.

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“Natalie came on board Team Skinny in May 2015 to help us with our social media and online presence. At first she presented us with a really detailed review of all the existing channels and how they were performing, which was really interesting to see!
She then came up with great ideas about how we could experiment with videos, competitions, questions and backstage stuff and when to post them. All this really helped improve our audience reach, raising it by 200%+ in the first couple of months. No bad thing!
When we’re on the road it’s pretty tricky keeping all our online content up to date so Natalie provides additional social media updates/responses to fans during UK hours to make sure we keep engagement levels maximized.
She has also added a lot of value to our official fan club FB page, re-focusing and energizing it, growing the follower numbers, appointing new moderators, and creating an alternative forum for fans to interact with each other outside of the band’s official feeds. 
Our online presence really is a key thing for the band but something that can take a bit of a back seat compared to touring and music, which is why having Natalie focus on it is so great! She’s so organized, always planning and thinking ahead and her passion for the music and medium shines in her work. She’s creative and often comes up with great suggestions and it’s a total pleasure to work with her!”
Lorna Thomas, Skinny Lister