Natalie served as Brand Director for Radiant Worlds’ debut game SkySaga (a F2P voxel-based sandbox MMO) for nearly three years. Guiding the team through their closed alpha programme since December 2014, she had the responsibility for the overall brand positioning for the game, including the messaging and content marketing strategy for all owned, earned and paid channels. She oversaw all community management, YouTube out-reach and media relations, as well as advising on other aspects of the studio’s publishing strategy. She was also the primary point-of-contact for publisher Smilegate, conducting regular calls, reporting on status, and liaising on content strategy and approval.

Supported by partner agency Decibel-PR for media out-reach.

“Having worked with Natalie extensively in the past I leapt at the opportunity for her to join us at Radiant Worlds in Dec 2014 as Brand Director. Her main role since then has been working alongside the publishing team to draw up the branding, positioning, PR and marketing of our game, SkySaga, all the way from top-level strategy to finely-tuned and targeted tactics. Well organised and always reliable, Natalie has a great strength for ensuring that the bigger picture is continually being considered as the teams work on the details. To complement these skills Natalie is always up to date with the ever changing ways to stay relevant and engaging with our audience.”
Chris Swan, Publishing Director, Radiant Worlds

“I have known Natalie for over 13 years. During that period, she has worked as an employee at Director level for me, and later I engaged her as an independent consultant. She is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking, trustworthy and thoroughly professional in everything she does. Her judgment is excellent and she can be trusted completely.”
Richard Smithies, COO/Chairman/Co-Founder, Radiant Worlds

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TIGA Awards 2015:
Audio Design – Winner
Creative Gameplay Award – Runner-up
Independent Studio – Runner-up
Technical Innovation – Runner-up