UK games industry trade body Ukie hired Identity Spark in early 2018 to project manage its International Games Funding Conference at the Liverpool International Business Festival on 27th June. Natalie worked closely with the Ukie team to craft the content, secure over 60 national and international speakers, investors, attendees, showcase developers and sponsors. Developer attendees reported potential business wins in excess of £800,000.

Ukie also hired Natalie at short notice to organise the Games Business Development Forum in January 2019, a key business-focussed investment event running alongside the Interactive Futures festival in Leamington Spa. Appointed just three weeks in advance, Natalie secured and supported eight diverse and experienced speakers to contribute to a full-day programme of talks, as well as running and hosted the event.


TESTIMONIALS for Games Funding Conference:

“We asked Natalie to create and deliver our recent Games Funding Conference, held at Liverpool’s International Business Festival 2018. This involved creating a programme of high level speakers for an audience of 50 UK games developers and a series of one-to-one pitch sessions for over twenty games businesses and thirteen investors. Natalie approached this with excellent organisational, communication and management skills and her usual calmness and good humour to curate and deliver a top quality event for us.”
Daniel Wood, COO, Ukie

Attendee feedback:

“The games funding conference was invaluable for us. We made many new contacts and are grateful for this fantastic opportunity.

“This was a really well organised event and we were delighted to be invited to take part.”

“A really smart event that cut to the chase!”

“A compact, focused day of business opportunities. Investors were happy to give useful advice even if we couldn’t do business.”